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Reduce Crime and Disorder

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In this assignment I shall be describing and analysing the different strategies used by the public services to help reduce crime and disorder.   Finally, I shall be evaluating the NIM strategy which is used by the public services.

The public services use the following strategies to reduce crime and disorder:
• The National Intelligence Model (NIM)
• Safer communities
• Multi-agency partnerships

The National Intelligence Model (NIM)

The National intelligence model (NIM) is a business strategy for law enforcement agencies and it became the policy of the association of chief police officers in 2000 and was adopted by all the forces in 2004. The National Intelligence Model is made up of 11 main elements which combined together make up a coordinated, proactive approach to policing.
Policing used to be controlled by the police responding to emergency calls from the public, however, this method made it difficult to analyse crime data and the observation of common crimes and hotspots which the police could use to tackle the criminal behaviour.   The National Intelligence model also helps the other forces by sharing the information and intelligence that they have to promote the fight against crime.
The national intelligence model strategy has been very successful as it makes it easier to identify crime trends and problem areas. The strategy also helps to encourage sharing and solving problems between the other public services, which gives the opportunity to take a shared approach to resolving problems.

The gathering and analysing of crime data is very useful as it can help the public services in the following ways:

The crime data that is collected will be very useful to the public services as it will help them to target and coordinate their response correctly. It helps the police by telling them which areas have high crime rates and need more police resources. It will also help the police to find out how effective their crime fighting strategies are...


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