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Faith in Humanity

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Language Arts
Faith in Humanity
Its seems as if the human perception of what faith in humanity is has changed drastically over the years. Throughout our world, events occur daily that make us wonder if our faith in humanity is still strong. I feel that places like Juarez, Mexico can really make you question your faith in humanity. Brutal attacks and terrible crimes seem to be a constant in Juarez, it is said to be the most violent city in the world. It definitely makes me question my personal faith in humanity. Faith in humanity is the notion that society will constantly evolve and prosper into something higher or better through its people.

Moreover, Gerda Weissmann Klein had faith in humankind. Though she struggled through work camps and indifferent Nazis for years she was still able to pull through and tell her story and become something higher. At the end of page 177, Gerda states that she held in her heart the picture of her homecoming. This was in the midst of the brutal Grunberg, the place where many people’s stories of survival would come to a tragic end. To be able to believe something like that with brutality swarming all around you is amazing. An average person would have just crawled into a little ball and set their death date at Auschwitz. At the war’s near end on page 198, Gerda states that the Germans are retreating and will not kill her now. It is simply crazy for her to believe this after all the grief that these beings have caused her, it is a pure example of Gerda Weissmann Klein having faith in humanity which is what truly kept her alive.

Essentially, faith in humanity is something that many people have lost over the years. I personally do not have faith in humanity. This is because I know what humans have done at places like Auschwitz and I am still aware of what they are capable of doing. Many people believe that something as terrible as the Holocaust could never be present again, but I know otherwise. Terrible things occur daily,...


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