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How the Celebrity Endorsement Is Perceived by the Australian Consumers

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AIDA framework has influence on celebrity endorsement in getting attention and holding interest. The impact of celebrity enhanced commercials on getting attentions, creating interests, arousing desires and getting actions is a crucial in terms of advertising effectiveness on consumer persuasion for both males and females in middle and upper classes (Premeaux, 2009, p. 3). Celebrities’ product endorsements transcend national borders and flow from US to other countries. The percentage of commercials worldwide featuring a celebrity has doubled in the last 10 years about 17 precent (Money, Shimp & Sakano Tomoaki 2006: P. 2).

In 19 century, Queen Victoria personally endorses a number of patent medicines even Pope Leo XIII shilled for the cocaine-laced wine, Vin Mariani, for its medicinal benefits. Nowadays, brand ambassador or testimonial is ubiquitous. Russel Howcroft reckons (Casimir 2010, P. 54):
“Having a celebrity is a very good way to get over the first hurdle. … we need people to watch the ad. When you see a familiar face, you are more likely to not use the remote control. Then it is up to ad to be decent enough to be persuasive.”

Even Hollywood stars, making millions per film, do the campaigns, as a face of cosmetic companies, for instance Gwyneth Paltrow believes “… having a contract is almost like a status symbol” or Desperate Housewives Star and L’Oreal endorser, Eva Longoria claims to be “the ugly duckling” in her family and Naomi Watts telling San Sebastian Film Festival audience “honoured to be offered contracts to promote goods” (Casimir 2010, P. 54).

It is a technique for hedonic products, because it makes the consumers imagine the pleasure of using of the same product that the celebrity, athlete or star uses; a strategy with a rationale behind it, a famous person draws the attention to a product or brand and shape the perceptions by virtue of the inferences that consumers make based on their own knowledge of the well-known person, therefore...


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