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Contemporary Art and Society

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2. How does contemporary art reflect our society? Is it an adequate reflection of our lives and our culture?

    Art began when civilization started. With each civilization we form of society, a group of people with individual characteristics, philosophies and cultures within which all sorts of ideas, thoughts and opinions are always brought to challenge and evaluation. Right from where culture started, events have been recorded in forms of pictures and historical paintings which tell us about past experiences in previous historical periods. History is the record of the development of human society. It can be expressed in forms of architectures, sculptures and paintings. Since the topic is pretty broad, I will be focusing on the relationship between art and society in the modern world.
    After the 19th century; in the modern world the environment was the key to the success of of society and man. Big changes came fast by the introduction of electrical power to every method of communication had prolonged life span of human, gave discovery of new medicine and chemistry. Over the last century the masses were already responding to the growth of a sort of 'low art'. Artists might sometimes be confused of the limit of artistic independence with what was expected from their society. As an escape from realism, due to its loss of popularity and necessity, the invention of photography took over its rendered and accurate likeness. In the beginning of the 20th century, many artists attempted to make paintings visually more appealing than the real world.
    The world became more complicated and things were on the move and the shock of change found its artistic parallel in the adverts of the movement called cubism. Picasso, who motivated cubism and conventional nude scenes, had eliminated the man and his reference to the evils of the laws of sexual activities. Cubism exposed the western tradition of perspective as only one of many alternative systems of viewing the...


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