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|Figure 1: The Main Causes of Stress                                                                                         |
|                                                     |In Australia                       |In home country                     |
|Language                                             |34%                               |2%                                   |
|Finance                                             |30%                               |16%                                 |
|Culture shock                                       |6%                                 |0%                                   |
|Lack of friends                                     |4%                                 |14%                                 |
|Homesickness                                         |5%                                 |4%                                   |
|Study                                               |18%                               |64%                                 |

The table shows the differences between the percentages of the main causes of the respondents’ stress in Australia and in their home countries.   It is clearly seen that language problems were the major source of their stress in Australia whereas in their home country it was study.   In addition, financial factors in Australia were double than it was in subjects’ home countries, with 30% compared to 16%.

Figure 2 & Figure 3: The frequency of feeling stressed

The pie charts compare the frequency of feeling stressed for international students when they were in Australia and in their home countries.   The number of subjects always suffering stress in Australia accounted for 22%, which came to be double the percentage of what they experienced in their home countries, with 12%. Also there were only 16% of students never feeling stressed in Australia while 30% of all subjects never had this...


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