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Physicoligical Effects of Music

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October 11, 2011
Psychological effects of Music
Michael Jackson sang “Man in the Mirror” in the in 1988, and since then it has been one of his most popular songs. “Man in the Mirror” was a song that most people could relate to.   Music is like a language of its own, and has often been referred to as the language of the soul. With music being the language of the soul, it is directly connected to the emotions of an individual. Music springs from the deepest emotions of the soul, with or without lyrics; a message is always conveyed. With that said it is easily arguable that music has psychological effects on person especially young adults.
Music can be positive force for mental health, calming, relaxing, and intellectually stimulating. Studies have shown that this is true for adults, teenagers, and even babies. Music can and does affect an individual’s emotions. It also affects the thinking patterns of people, by powerfully and emotionally conveying a way of life. A successful musician is able to create a song and many different people from many different backgrounds will be able to relate or understand the message. When people listen to music they are able to suspend all other thoughts and realities, to be able to receive the emotions of the composer, band, or singer. For the time that an individual is listening and identifying with the music, a spiritual connection is made.
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Music can be interpreted in several different ways. The same music can be performed by the same composer, has the ability to put across a message of sadness, happiness, or anger depending on how the composer chooses to convey the message. A great effect that music has on people is that it can be used to bridge gaps, and create bonds between people who may feel that they have very little in common. Children, teens and even babies potentially benefit from listening to music. Music can even be considered as a stimulant to intellectual development.  
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