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"Cyber Bullying

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Monica Dixon
Instructor Scarlett Hill
ENGL 1301-2203
10 April 2012

“Cyber bullying Current Issues”
Cyber bullying is a problem that is growing rapidly, current estimates indicate that at least 20-35% of children and adolescents experience cyber bullying. This paper will guide professionals as they advise parents in navigating the world of cyber bullying. The information given was research on parenting, child development and cyber bullying. There are those, especially children and teenagers, who may normally have a strong sense of self and compassion but find themselves giving in to "group thinking" and becoming emotionally hurtful. For various reasons divorce, a change in family or friends and moving to a new neighborhood can stir up deep unconscious feelings of resentment, hurt, loss and abandonment. Often simmering on the surface of these feelings is anger. Alexander, Ronald. "A Lack of Compassion has led to an Epidemic of Cyber bullying." Ed. Louise I. Gerdes. Detroit: Green haven Press, 2012. At Issue. Rpt. from "Cyber-bullying: It's Not Cool to Be Cruel." Huffington Post. 201. A juvenile police officer brings a solid understanding of the laws as well as a strong knowledge of safety issues to the classroom.


Education, intervention and adjudication are the main strategies for juvenile police.
These officers will handle the issue of cyber bullying in schools. This will bring a better
understanding of the laws, and a strong knowledge of safety issues to the classroom.
The technological aspects of cyber bulling (Juvonen and Gross, 2008) has intimidated
police officers, parents, and educators. . Thaxter, Ken. "Cyber bullying: challenges
strategies faced by juvenile police officers." Journal of Social Sciences Oct. 2010:
April 13, 2012. Braden Barton made a movie of his performance at the Gephardt-Worley.
Barton's five-minute video is about a female student who is the subject of cyber bullying
First via text message, secondly...


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