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My College Education

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College Education 1
Lindsey Lewis
EN110 Achieving Academic Excellence
Lesson 5- Writing Assessment 5_06
October 6, 2011

                              Why college education is important to me
        Lindsey Lewis

      These days a college education is not something that you should choose to have;

it   is something that should be essential to your success in life. Many people have put off

furthering their education because they are too busy with life and the many distractions

around them. I will be the first to admit that I was one of those people. I was asked why

my college education was so important to me and the first response that I came up with

was that I wanted to have the knowledge of knowing that “I wanted to further my

education and I am doing it for myself.”

      The value of a college education can be taken in all different kinds of aspects.

With my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree, I plan on teaching in

  an elementary school and making one of my biggest dreams come true. Working in an

Elementary school will give me the pleasure of teaching young minds and helping them

develop good study habits for school as well as in life. A college education will help in

my future of making a difference in childrens' lives by helping them find their passion

for learning, as I have. It will also help me to relate to the children as someone who may

  have a different approach or method of teaching as they have been taught previously

because "Knowledge is Power (Sir Francis Bacon, 1597)."

      A college education is going to help me achieve what I want most out of life.

                                                    College Education 2

It will show that I have determination and good work ethic as well as the advantage of

the knowledge. It shows the commitment, extra skills, and the motivation that I have to

achieve anything out of life. It is...


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