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Two Basic Principles of Foreign Policies

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Foreign polices define a nation outside its borders and it is how ones nation is viewed by others internationally. There are two basic principles of foreign polices internationalism to support the international interest or national interest to support mainly the nations own interest. The source seems to have a very strong opinion on Canada’s foreign policies. The source is in support of a national interest policy backed up by the first sentence “national interests ought to define Canada’s foreign policy”. The speaker also seems to be completely against international interests supported by the line “foreign policy must be about one thing and one thing only” and could be labeled as a nationalist. The speakers appears to have very strong perspective of how Canada should operate and wishes to create a better Canada by “only protecting and promoting the security of and prosperity of Canada and Canadians”.
I firmly support this statement with few exceptions and cases. For Canada to focus mainly on the development and prosperity of our nation whether it be economically, military or culturally would mean an increase in our standard of living, GDP, overall economy, freedoms and rights, jobs, salaries and wages and various other factors of life without involving our nation in costly foreign affairs. The increase in these factors would create a better environment for life of Canadians. For example the former US conducted a policy of isolationism to purse national interests only and didn’t participate in world affairs, and because of this the US emerged into the most powerful nation both economically and culturally. This is a great example to see the rewards and potential of the pursuit of national interest.  
I believe that the pursuit of national interest can accomplish the most paramount goals of any nation, to protect its integrity, independence, ideology, to preserve peace and tranquility and to ensure the prosperity of its economy. For Canada to ensure the prosperity...


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