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Internal Bleeding

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Waking up as if it’s just another day, my life changed completely and I will never be the same person ever again.   I got ready, and called my boyfriend because I wanted to go see him.   The phone went straight to voicemail.   I usually tell him when I’m coming over since he lives so far away but I knew he was at home sleeping. It’s about a forty-five minute drive when it’s only supposed to take an hour.   I don’t condone texting while driving but he does sporadically text me a lot more than “normal” guy’s do.   About five minutes away from his house, he sent me 3 separate text messages. I only read the most recent one that said, “I love you.”   I didn’t respond, because I was so close to his house.   When I got there I grabbed my purse, got out of the car, and locked the doors because he lives in such a bad neighborhood. Walked inside, ran up the stairs, and reached my hand out for the door.   I turned the doorknob, looked up, and dropped my purse with my hands shaking uncontrollably covering my pale colored face from what I just had seen.   I thought he was playing a sadistic joke at first.   Then my throat started to close, and my stomach just felt like it fell out of my wary body.   My heart started racing like an airplane propeller that was ready to take off and fly.   All my emotions and state of shock just hit me with adrenaline and I ran to his desk, and I grab the scissors from inside the drawer.   I jumped onto his bed like a wild spider monkey and cut the rope that my beloved boyfriend was hanging from.   I could barely catch my breath as he lay there in my arms.   I screamed to the top of my lungs with the last of my strength for some help.   His abusive father opened the door.   I felt that he had no facial expression compared to my watery eyes, ghost like face, and shook up body.   There will always be that one question in the back of my mind, “Why did he do it?”
Picture yourself walking in or finding someone you care about hanging from a noose.   Imagine the pain...


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