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Stalking Analysis

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Stalking Analysis
On March 22 I spent 10 minutes of my day stalking a random person. It was 3:38 and I was at Chili’s restaurant. It was really nice outside; bright, sunny and hot. I sat down and had a perfect view at a lady across from me, so I decided she would be my victim. At first she was very calm, really didn’t move, not even her hands. When she talked I really could not hear her, she was so low and calm. She looked like an older white woman with short grey hair. I really did not have a visual on the woman she was with. Then their food arrived.
After she began to eat I could hear her talk and it was Spanish. I did not expect that because she looked white. She never smiled and it kind of aggravated me. She ate slow but always took big bites. From her body language, facial expressions and the way she ate, I would think she was a bitch. Not to be rude or anything that’s just what came to my mind. But I really do not know here except for what I saw in the ten minutes I watched her. From analyzing someone for ten minutes you can have assumptions of a person but that doesn’t give you an idea of who that person really is.
In the first minute I made an assumption that she was a white lady but 3 minutes in she began talking Spanish. I might be right though, she might be a white lady who learned Spanish, or she might be Cuban, or Mexican, or Honduran. I can’t judge someone but what they look like because looks can be very deceiving. Also by watching someone you can make very serious or large assumptions. For example I made the assumption of her being a bitch. That is very rude and disrespectful because she might be the nicest or sweetest let you ever met if you get to know her.
The only way to judge someone as a whole person is to actually know them. Someone your familiar with and their familiar with you. Not someone that you met once or twice but someone you grew up with or went through high school with. People like that you know, your friends and...


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