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Software Engineering Assignments

Important Instructions: You are required to submit the documents for the single problem that has been assigned to you. However, you are expected to solve the entire problem set for your practice. Practice is very important to learning the software engineering skills pertaining to requirements specification, design, testing, etc. Only reading the theory can not make you a good software developer.
• Assignment problems with small modifications can be set in the examinations. If any student has done an assignment problem, but answers a related questions incorrectly in the test, then his entire mark for the assignment will be reduced to zero. • Copying of assignments is considered serious offense. Both the person copying and the one supplying the copied material will be penalized. The last date for submitting the documents is as follows: • SRS document 17-02-2011 • SA/SD document 05-03-2011 • UML-based design 19-03-2011. • Java Code Demonstration 26-03-2011. • Test Suite Design document 03-04-2011 Late submission would be penalized.

Tips for solution:
• If you cannot solve a problem, solve a simpler problem (by omitting some of the functionalities, details,etc.) • Now, add some of the functionalities you had omitted and see if you can solve this new problem. It may not always be possible to incrementally incorporate new functionalities into the simpler solution without any alterations to the solution already worked out. You might even have to rework (or drastically modify) your simpler solution to accommodate a new functionality. • Surely, it is more laborious to carry out incremental solutions than solving the full problem in one shot. But, it often works, and gives you new insights into the problem.

Prob No. 0: Graphics Editor: Those who are not familiar with any graphics editor at all, please try looking at the Graphics Drawing features available in either MS-Word or PowerPoint software. You can also examine any other...


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