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Curriculum Design – Case Scenario

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Curriculum Design – Case Scenario
6th Grade Math – Fractions
Grade:   6th Subject:   Math     Topic:   Fractions

For my five day unit I have decided to use a Math lesson with a focus in fractions.   I have chosen to work with the sixth grade level as it is where I am more comfortable with my teaching abilities.   The students will be studying fractions for one hour a day for a five day school week.   The material will be covered in the designated math period for each student.   Through this curriculum the students will learn the skills of identifying, comparing/contrasting and solving factions; as well as decimal values.   Students will be able to demonstrate through the use of various materials their understanding of fractions in comparison to everyday life and the subject of Math.
Through the use of a five day curriculum on fractions, as the teacher, I am going to have to pick and choose what information will be focused on in more detail and what material will be taught in a more general sense.   The curriculum will start out with a very general overview and introduction into the material and as the day’s progress, the information will start involving much more information and steps to solving the problems assigned.   Therefore it is my belief that the curriculum I have chosen will emphasize both depth and breadth depending on the material being covered in each class period.
I have chosen to have my students study this topic because the use of fractions in everyday life is vital.   We as a society use fractions every day in life through the use of money, cooking, measuring, telling time, etc.   Similar to my group curriculum simulation project on telling time, the use of fractions is also a universal skill.   No matter what country or language, the use of currency, measurement and time are all the same.   Every society is using some form of currency to pay for or trade for products, some form of measurement to build things and everyone is using a clock to tell time;...


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