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Let Your Spirit Present

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Let your spirit present
Have you noticed that people who always keep their feelings deep in mind are more likely to be ignored and even misunderstood; People always being Mr. Nice Guy are not welcomed let alone to be made a leader; People never complain about anything have to adapt to the tragic situation alone. All these facts lead to the conclusion that most of the time people want to hear your own voice and they tend to respect your true self especially in modern society.
A wide welcomed movie called The Joy Luck Club may provide evidence of it.
In this movie, several pairs of mothers and daughters tried to lead a happy life, which could be seen from the name of the club they built “The Joy Luck Club”. There were three pairs of mothers and daughters in the movie. Those mothers all migrated from China and gave birth to an American daughter. They all had misery experiences in China. As a result of that, they educated their daughters in another way hoping they could lead happier life. I admire the story of Aunt Lindo and her daughter Waverly most because it appeared that they were born to know how to obtain what they want wisely. And I like the stories of the other two pairs Aunt Yingying and Li Na, Aunt An Mei and Rose too. Both stories were about
Li Na married to her boss and was afraid to lose him so she dared not to say no to him which made her life a tragic one. One day her mother decided to leave and cut Li Na’s spirit loose. She convinced her to ask for respect and tenderness that she wanted from him with both hands open, and never come back until he gave them to her. At last she found another man who respected and loved her.
Rose married to a handsome man came from a wealthy family. She cherished him so much. And she always said “my love is not good enough.” as if to beg her husband to love her. And she tried her best to satisfy what her husband wanted. Gradually their life became dull. One her husband said to her “I would like to hear what you...


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