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What is Pollution?
Pollution is a serious problem to the environment.   Pollution is the contamination of the environment.   Efforts to improve the standard of living for humans have started a very serious problem.

what is water pollution?
Water pollution is something we should be concerned about because it's a form of pollution that is ruining many lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds. Water supplies are affected, and so are animals and people that rely on the water for drinking or living.

How does water get polluted?
It gets polluted by acid rain, oil spills, litter, insecticide mixing with fertilizers etc.
1. The emission of waste heat from an electric generating station into a lake, causing common change through their stress.
2. the discharge of nutrients containing sewer wastes, in a water body causing eutrophication.

what can we do to reduce water pollution?
Few simple steps to help solve water pollution:
1.) Reduce the amount of runoff that comes from your property. Reducing runoff pollution actually has 2 components: improving the quantity of runoff and reducing the quantity.
2.) Maintain your vehicle. You can see the stains from leaky cars all over any parking lot.
3.) Minimized your use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
4.) Replace your lawn and high-maintainance plants with native plants. Lawns require a lot of water and, generally, a lot of chemicals.
5.) Property store and dispose of chemicals. Many household chemicals and automotive products are extremely toxic both to humans and to other organisms.
6.) Clean up pet waste. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria and other pollutants.
7.) Contain and/or compost yard waste. Yard waste that sits around can easily wash into storm drains when it rains.
8.) Pick up litter and properly dispose of trash. Litter isn't just unsightly; it can also contribute to water pollution.
9.) Avoid using salt to de-ice walkways. In colder climate, salting walkways and driveways is a common...


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