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Grandpa - Paper

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When people are stricken by illness, they rush to the doctor.   Sometimes, an individual may trace their steps back to think about what physical predicament brought on that illness, whether it be lack of sleep, a day outside in the cold, or the hours of overtime at work that week.   Rarely, do people think that a lack of social life could contribute to physical illness.   However, after we retire and become grandmothers and grandfathers, our mental health becomes closely intertwined with our physical health.   An individual’s link to society and connection with the outside world can directly affect their mental health, their physical health, and how many years they have left on this earth.
Successful aging is very much dependent on an individual’s level of social activity.   The more involved a person becomes in their old age will positively effect their physical health.   It is very important to become involved in any social groups.   “A group is two or more people who interact with one another in a standardized pattern and who share a sense of common identity.” (Harris 105)   Group interaction helps the elderly in maintaining positive morale.   When an individual is involved with a group, it provides them with support and forces the individual to interact.   Most older individuals are going through similar problems with their health, or have similar issues regarding their families, therefore, coming together in a group gives them opportunity to share their thoughts with one another based on a common interest.   Also, social groups allow older people to feel connected to society.   After a person becomes a part of a group and becomes comfortable with the members in the group, they will serve as a haven for that individual.   They have something to look forward to during the week and when they are interacting, they can be
themselves in front of other people besides their families.     However, family interaction is considered to be a group as well and is a very...


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