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Advantages of Having a Facebook Page

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Facebook is everywhere nowadays. Everybody is talking about it and everybody is using it. And when I say everybody is using it, I don’t mean only normal people, to keep in touch with their friends. No, some people also use it to promote their business, using a fan page. You probably wonder why are they doing this. I’ll present 5 major advantages of having a Facebook fan page.

    Indexing – Yes, Facebook fan pages are indexed by search engines, like Google. It is a great way to increase brand awareness, because, nowadays, when people hear about a brand, they immediately look it up on Google and Facebook. People also tend to look through the pages of their friends when they are looking for something special. It’s like a recommendation and people tend to take advice from their closest friends. One of the best things is that even if people don’t search through their friends’ pages, Facebook will most likely suggest to like your page, or they will simply see your page.
    Competition – You don’t want to be behind your competitors, right? Almost everyone who has a business today, whether large or small business, has a fan page. You have to keep up with competition, or even to beforehand if you can. Not having a Facebook page can be a major setback for your business. Don’t give to competition traffic you can get yourself.
    SEO – Fan pages are not only useful for potential customers. In December, last year, we learned from Google and Bing that social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, have a certain impact on Google rankings. Well, it we think a bit, it would be foolish for search engines to not take into consideration the biggest social networks in this moment.
    Communication – It’s easier to interact with people who like what you do through Facebook, that through your site. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need a website, but people feel that Facebook fan pages are more personal. You will also have the opportunity to answer questions and write comments...


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