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Teenagers - Summary 3

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As many negative things you could brainstorm about teenagers, I could brainstorm as many positives. So what we don’t clean our rooms on a regular basis, we have a lot of stress put on us from school, parents and friends always telling us to be better. But really, no one looks at the good things we do. Yeah, there are a lot of bad teenagers out there, but why are they bad? Because of the amount of stress put on them that causes them to crack under societies severe pressure.
First of all, what is bad? Bad is someone’s opinion. You can’t just look at someone and say he or she is bad because they don’t do their homework. Everyone has something “bad” about them, but being bad is an opinion of a person. The exact definition of bad is being inadequate or below standard, but who’s to decide who is below standard. What’s a standard for a human being? And who sets the standard for human beings? Last time I checked, only the judgment of god should matter.
There are those teenagers who have snapped and killed many people, take the Columbine High School massacre for example, on April 20th 1999, two students took guns to their school and killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and also injured 24 other students then they both committed suicide. That is a tragic occurrence in history, but many adults have done things just as bad or even worse. Take Hitler for example, his policies based on racial dominance resulted in over 17 million deaths of various races. Both are young and old, but both have committed horrible things which show that both are able to be just as bad as one another.
Some people don’t understand us, or should I say most people. See, we are put under a lot of stress to get those A++ marks so we do well, don’t get me wrong I think it’s wonderful that our teachers, parents and peers care about us and that they want to see us go far in life, but sometimes its gets to be too much pressure. So we feel like no one is there for us and no one loves us, so we try to fill...


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