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The Holocoust

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So is racism just a very small issue that dose not cause any hurt or harm other than a few diminished ego's, or does it have the capability to destroy millions.? Even though it may sound a bit exaggerated but with the right person in charge, the right followers and the right racist races, that is what you get. The holocaust is the result of a very long hatred towards the Jews. It started from racist values taught and learned from generations. There was no true reason just a minor misunderstanding and the staggering,   ignorance of not accepting what was different. All of this started just from one racist thought and it could happen again, just as easily, and have the same impact.

Racism has happened for years, although we have came along way from when they were to be using separate toilets, shops, bars and even barbers for whites and coloreds. It still happens even up to this day and still has a greatly negative effect to those who are superior, and even to those who are inferior. It is the discrimination,   abusive or aggressive behavior towards people because they are of a different race. It occurs all around the world from country to country, state to state, city to city, school to school and even house to house. The effect is the same everywhere, and it’s always derogatory and always has a horrible outcome. When racism occurs it does not just discriminates the person but it makes them feel like they should be ashamed about who they are. When younger generations are faced with this they do not understand. They start thinking there is something wrong with them as an individual and that all the negative things they hear are correct. Some of the people who deals with racism begin to have a hatred towards the people and therefore hate anyone that is like them, so they then become racist too even if they were not before.

When the Holocaust first started no-one knew just how bad it could and would get, no-one but Hitler himself, even his soldiers probably was informed...


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