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The Carnotaurus was hunting for food before the picture was taken. It was a spontaneous photo because it is hard to have a staged photo with a dinosaur.
A National Geographic employee used a time machine created by government scientists to go to the dinosaur time. When he got there he saw a Carnotaurus and he took a picture with his camera. The photo was taken to find out what a Carnotaurus looked like.
The image I chose is a picture of Carnotaurus. A Carnotaurus is a dinosaur that has short horns, tiny arms (smaller than T-Rex’s), small teeth and an armoured back. I chose a picture of Carnotaurus because I really like dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. I like dinosaurs because they look awesome, they’re big, strong and armored (sometimes). Carnotaurus was the best dinosaur out of the dinosaurs in the magazine.
What is a Carnotaurus? A Carnotaurus is a scary looking carnivorous dinosaur that has everything that would make a perfect predatory dinosaur, but not enough of it. It’s skull is thick, but it has stubby horns that can’t do anything. Its arms are the smallest of any medium-sized dinosaur (in comparison to it’s skull). However, it would still be a scary dinosaur.
The fossil in the picture that comes with the picture of Carnotaurus is very damaged, some teeth are missing, parts of the fossil are broken and the horns are also duller than before. But it is still a very completely preserved skull. Most fossils that scientists find are broken in small pieces. So this skull is still an amazing find


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