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The Inequities of Marriage

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The Inequalities of marriage

The role of a woman was limitless and always goes unnoticed. A woman’s role begins with being a wife, a mother, the primary care giver, a mentor and an organizer. Also a woman was expected to be understanding and humane in the face of all adversities.   Women have never been seen as equals to their male counterparts despite their active role in a marriage.
The theme of marriage is common in stories, ‘Sweat and The story of an Hour’.   In Sweat Marriage is seen as a conventional marriage, a Husband and a Wife living under the same roof working together. As the story develops the traditional setting of marriage disappears and a bizarre or queer presentation of marriage comes forth.   In the story sweat the characters Sykes and Delia are married but rather than Sykes the man being the provider for his family, you will see the role of bread winner changed, despite Delia being the bread winner she still has a lot of respect and love for her husband. On the other hand Sykes is not appreciative nor does he have any respect and care for his wife, who loves his despite her plight. Marriage is said to be safe and sacred, however in sweat the marriage is showed as being very unequal. A woman place was in the home as primary care giver; however the husband; in whom the wife was to be consoled by was having an open affair for all to see, taking his wife’s hard working money and spending it on another woman boldly. Delia being a woman trapped by the rules and expectation of society, devotionally carries out her role as a woman and a wife as stated in her vows by remaining faithful and respectful to her husband. In the story “Sweat” Delia demonstrates the acceptance the role and expectations of society by working for the ‘whites’ despite the legacy of slavery, in order to provide for her none performing and disrespectful husband. Delia also shows her love for her husband by remaining in an abusive marriage for fifteen years. She stayed with him...


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