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Concern for the Environment

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It is of late that the government as well as the people has got awakened to the problem of environmental pollution.

This, problem is gradually taking a gigantic proportion and is threatening the life and safety of people in general.

The basic aspect which is giving rise to the enormity and proportion is the rise in the population of the country. The population of our country has nearly doubled in the past three decades.

By the end of last century while we were feeling enthusiastic to welcome the new millennium, we also should have felt that we are standing on the threshold of a population explosion.

The total Population of the continent of Australia is only as much as it grows every year in India. With this tremendous rate of Population growth all the problems related with the conditions also simultaneously aggravate.

More ingestion in the towns; more traffic on the roads; more need for space resulting in the deforestation of the forest areas; more of dust, more of smoke; more of factories more of effluent wastes; dirtier the air, polluted the water — to say the least, more of men, more of problems.

A survey conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru University disclosed that Inspire of all incentives and disincentives given to the people for controlling population and even by the drive of ‘selling’ the family planning drive by government as well as voluntary agencies no desired impact on the rate of population growth has been registered.

What is therefore needed is that, what has not been found possible by persuasion shall have to be done by drastic regulation and legislation. There should be ‘one-child a family’ benefits that need to be promulgated and those violating the norm be penalised by depriving them of the right of franchise and employment and some other such fundamental rights. This is the first and foremost step to control environmental pollution.

There is the need to balance the eco-system. With the increase in population there is...


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