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Mount Pleasant by Mary-Louise Buxton

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Mount Pleasant

Nostalgia is a sense of feeling evoked by old memories or definitive characteristics associated with a certain era known to the beholder. With the short story Mount Pleasant Marie-Louise Buxton's, achieves what many modern writers struggles to get right, that being: to create a universe with such a realism and immersive sense of nostalgia and idyll, that the reader can dwell securely in the story without any complications.

Mount Pleasant is a short story written by Mary-Louise Buxton. Set in the idyllic surroundings of a peaceful small town, the story evolves around the young girl Elizabeth, describing the peaceful life of her and her family. The story has no obvious indications of time or place, and is told by what seems to be a child, judging by her verbal skill and general behavior.

Though there are no real indications of a proper national setting, the language and scenery shows a great resemblance to early 20'Th century America, embarking the old family values and behavioral standards. Hints appear throughout the story supporting the theory of time and setting, words and nicknames such as "Mammy, Daddy, Sudsy, Babby" and the excessive use of apostrophes (ex an´, 'Lisabeth, freezin´,etc.) strongly suggests a "country-hardened", even southern accent. To add up with the use of this (in great parts of the country) relatively outdated American accent, the clothes and environments described really adds to the whole "early American atmosphere". Examples of why the story could take place in an earlier era are: Elizabeth's pinafore, which obviously is an older piece of clothing and the stores and buildings located in vicinity of the family's house, these include a nunnery, a haberdashery and a "tub shop" which dispenses ice-cream and candy in a very old fashioned way.


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