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Corruption in It's Various Forms

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Write an essay on corruption


  1. Introduction

  2. Deplorable situation in Pakistan

  3. Causes

  4. Effects

  5. Solution

Corruption in its various forms in its various forms such as bribery, nepotism and extortion has penetrated deep into the vitals of our social system and destroyed the moral fibre of our society. It has almost become an integral part of our administration, social and political culture. Not only law paid Government and private employees but also our political leaders and senior civil and military officials have fallen to the evil of corruption. Thus it is gnawing away at the vitals of our society. The rising level of corruption has given way to cynicism, depression and a sense of insecurity. People have now started thinking that there is no end to corruption and that to feed the corrupt on has be corrupt oneself. Government wants to operate behind a clock of secrecy and confidential. Thus people are not informed of their rights. This ignorance on the part of the common man provides government officials to extort illegal benefits from him. So the common man is ignorant of his rights or the normal rules and regulations. They bribe even for a genuine and legal right that should have been done in normal routine. Since corruption emanates from the   top, it can be checked by putting honest people in position of authority. People lament the corruption of the present crop of politicians but repeatedly vote them back into the Assemblies during election. Why don’t the voters revoit and refuse to vote for lotas and plunderers? They do so simply because they think that system will never change and so to attain some favour or to get their legal or illegal job done, they should vote for someone whom they can easily approach. Low salaries compel most government servants into corruption. No doubt, salaries of these people should be increased. But this measure alone will not be enough for tacking the issue of corruption....


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