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The Incredible Journey of a Sea Turtle

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To the Editor:
Another soldier falls to the rough, dirty ground as a bullet flies through him, leaving an unbearably painful wound that looks untreatable. It’s another soldier dead, who was fighting against slavery so that one day America may be united. I’m in the middle of trying to help a different soldier, as I’m observing his fall. He trembles on the ground, his body shaking and unable to stand.   It’s not just because of the condition he's in that I know he won’t live, but it’s also the terrible condition of our hospital tent. It hasn’t got all its necessary equipment and there’s a lack of medicine. We try our best as nurses, but we need a lot of help and that's why Abraham Lincoln needs to put more money towards military medical care: because of the need of supplies, to save lives, and to provide a larger nursing staff.

There is a huge need of supplies in military health care.   One of the most needed medicines is anesthetics.   Since it has just come out, there is a limited amount that we are able to get and sometimes, we must use whiskey or nothing at all. Can you even imagine how painful an amputation would be with no anesthetics? Beds are another essential necessity. When we run out of beds, the soldiers are forced to be put on the floor, which is very unhealthy.   Other supplies that we desperately need are examination tables and amputation knives.   The most common battlefield injury is being wounded by enemy fire. (White, David) Unless the wounds are minor, this often leads to amputation of limbs to prevent infection.   If we had more money for medical supplies, it would allow us to have less soldiers with infection, causing more lives saved.

In addition to the need of supplies, the number of casualties is also a huge concern.   If there were more money put toward military medical care, it would improve the chances of a soldier being able to live. Families would not have to be so worried about their loved ones. They'd know that they are in good hands...


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