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An Inspector Calls, Character Changes Essay

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An Inspector Calls

It is arguable that Sheila has changed the most throughout the play.
At the beginning she’s snobbish, egoistic and self confident, but in the end she thinks more clearly, critical, accepts criticism, nice, honest and responsible.
She likes to change herself and feels sorry for what she had done. Her readiness to learn from experience is in a great contrast to her parents.
At the end of the play, Sheila is much wiser. She can now judge her parents and Gerald from a new perspective, but the greatest change has been in herself.
Her social conscience has been awakened and she is aware of her responsibilities. The old Sheila has gone.
[Laughs rather hysterically]
“Why - you fool - he knows. Of course he knows. And I hate to think how much he knows that we don't know yet. You'll see. You'll see. She looks at him almost in triumph.”
Act One
Sheila, shortly before the end of Act One, crucially understands the importance of the Inspector and the fact that he has more information than he is revealing. She is the first person in the play to really begin to understand the Inspector which, in turn, leads her to see her relationship with Gerald in a more realistic, more cynical way.

In act one the relationship between Eric and Shelia can be seen. “You’re squiffy” –Sheila to Eric (act 1). There is use of Colloquial language showing the play is set in a old time. The use of “squiffy” Shows Eric drinks too much.

Sheila seems to understands the inspectors message. “We really must stop these silly pretences.” Sheila to Mr Birling (Act 2). This quote shows a division growing between Sheila and her mother. This quote also shows that Shelia is maturing and understands that they shouldn’t lie.

Shelia is bitter about her family’s reaction. She is appalled that the family think they have done nothing wrong simply because they think the girl is not dead. “I suppose were all nice people now.”   Shelia (Act 3).
Sheila would like the family to...


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