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Effective Marketing Plan For The iTV Apple

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Marketing Plan

Bus 103 Sec 026
Marketing Plan
Stage 3

Executive Summary
The Apple plans to launch its smart TV in the market of US and China with the capability to provide Internet connectivity and access to online iStore and other media library. With the presence of number of TV manufacturing in the respective market, there is need to propose effective marketing plan for the iTV Apple. This marketing proposal has evaluated the current situation and market description that shows that US is the largest seller of TV, therefore, launching iTV in the US market will enable the company to penetrate into entertainment industry. The significant competition that iTV is likely to face is with the presence of LCD, CRT, Plasma and DLP screen.
The marketing objective of the iTV Apple is to gain the maximum market share and differentiate the iTV Apple from other brand in the market. For this purpose, geographic segmentation is proposed as China and US, because these both countries are one of the largest markets of TV brand. Additional to geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation for iTV is proposed based on the income, as iTV will be expensive than other TV brands.
The marketing mix strategy for iTV Apple indicates that it should promote its brand by differentiating its products from others. The recommended price for this product is £223 while it is placed at stores of Apple and other commissioned retailers. As far as promotional strategy for this product is concerned, four mediums will be used including online, cinema, social media and public relationship.

Table of Content
Executive Summary 2
Current Marketing Summary 4
Current Situation 4
Market Description 5
Segmentation and Target Review 6
Target Market 7
Positioning 7
Product Review 8
Competitive Review 8
Distribution Review 10
SWOT Analysis 11
Strengths 11
Weaknesses 11
Opportunity 12
Threats 12
Objectives and Issues 13
Marketing Strategy 13
Marketing Mix...


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