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I sensed there was more action in this section of the book because Zoey finally gets to realize what it is like to have to live a day-to-day life surrounded by only vampires. We see vampires in movies, read about them in books, but Zoey gets to see them right before her eyes. In most cases, schools have both the good friends and the people you do not want to associate with. Zoey was somewhat able to figure out who her true friend was so far, and that has to be Stevie Rae. Everyone has questioned Zoey about her odd coloured Mark but Stevie on the other hand said “I figured you’d tell me what was up with it when you were ready. One thing growing up in a small town like Henrietta taught me is that it’s best to mind your own business if you want someone to stay your friend.”(p.76) That shows what good of a friend she is, she has not yet judged Zoey but has allowed her to take it slow. Now moving forth to the “bad” influences we see the ‘Dark Daughters.’ Just by what they are referred to as gives us the idea they are rude, evil and dark. The Dark Daughters are not good girls “what the Dark Daughters really are is a group of stuck-up bitches who get off on lording power over evem, to conform to their freaky ideas of what it means to become a vamp. Most of all, they hate humans, and if you don't feel the same they don't want shit to do with you."(p.86) School is difficult, but imagine a school filled with vampires; hopefully Zoey Redbird makes it through okay.

The parts of the book I’ll remember best are when Zoey describes Shaunee Cole as the ‘African Princess’ and when Damien talks about wanting to use the toilet when the girls are eating. Since the majority of the vampires are pale and white, Zoey found it quite amazing that there was a Jamaican vampire. It really stood out to me because of the way Zoey had described her “she was the color of cappuccino (the kind you get from the real mber best was whe honestly had me laughing.

I really want the...


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