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Good First Impessions

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Body language can tell someone a lot about your mood and confidence level. Slouching is a no-no as it gives the impression of insecurity and defeat. You must always stand straight and tall, if you want to convey to someone that you are a strong, confident, deserving individual

Posture is very important, but you don't want to look like a robot, either. Sit up straight, but don't be so rigid that you'd fall over if pushed. It's like when people say that an animal can smell your fear; people can tell if you're nervous. Just be yourself. Don't try to impress someone, let your real personality do the work.

Stay focused on the person you are speaking with and certainly not on anything else to avoid them feeling unappreciated and unwanted. Often if the person has an eye problem, like an eye that turns in, you're put off by this. Instead, focus on the person's nose or mouth.

Always be genuine and show your unique personality. Whether this includes latest fashion is up to you. You want to make a first impression about yourself, so be yourself. Just think about your cleavage or skirt length (if you're a woman), or cleanliness of the clothes. Be conscious of your accessories and what they will say about you.

Remember the famous saying "a little bit goes a long way" rather than "too much is never enough". You may love the scent you are wearing; however, it could easily offend others or cause a reaction to their allergies, if applicable. In this regard, it is probably better to wear none at all or, if you must, then spray it into a distance and wait a few seconds before walking through the sprayed area.

Use good hygiene. This is super important, especially for teens. This may seem overly basic, but always shower daily and wear clean, fresh clothes. Also equally important, you should brush your teeth twice daily and be sure to wear deodorant and/or anti-perspirant, if needed, especially if you're meeting someone important who is likely to make you nervous....


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