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Idk Midsummer

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Examine the themes of identity and mistaken identity in this play. Which characters seek to explore and define their own identity? Which characters oppose them or try to define them simplistically? How does identity shift constantly in this play? Why do you think that Shakespeare returns to this theme repeatedly in his plays? In Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream , a fundamental element of the play is the way in which characters preserve their identity. Keeping in mind that the narrative introduces key characters separately, each character upholds an individual identity and, although the characters may interrelate with one another, the character retains their own identity. This is evident when Titania expresses romantic feelings towards Bottom as well as when Puck rubs Lysander’s eyes. Oberon, Theseus and, to an extent, Bottom are recognized as figures of authority in their appropriate fields; while Hippolyta and Titania are consorts who challenge the judgments of members of the aristocracy, but eventually surrender to their lordship. Repeatedly, one pair is great. This film starts by (James Garner (duke) who is Noah as a young man narrow rating the story line thought out the film) and (Gene Rowland's (Allie)) living in an assistance living facility were Allie suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Duke lives in this Facility as well, but by his own choose so that he can be by Allies side. In the film Duke Starts off reading from a diary were he left off, the night of the carnival Noah was at this carnival with his best friends Ben and Sarah. It was June, 6, 1940 that's were Noah and Allie first meet. The carnival was used to set the stage of this romantic love story, the story writer (Nicholas Sparks) used lights, music, a ferrous wheel, to create the reality of a carnival, drama and a small town to set stage for the interdiction of Noah meeting Allie. Noah saw Allie and ran over to the ferrous wheel were Allie and her friend were sitting and...


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