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Song Yet Sung

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Abryle Haynes
April 9, 2012
Dr. V. Prince
English 102
Dreaming: Unknown Freedom
In James McBride Song Yet Sung, Liz is obviously not like many other slaves. She has more education background than most slaves will ever have. She may not understand her dreams from time to time but they help her and others in the time of need. Also, with having an educated mind and visions of the future she can be a part of freedom for slaves. Liz debunks the idea that African Americans are inferior to whites because she is literate; she has visions of the future; and she symbolizes freedom by providing hope for other slaves.
The white community did not want their slaves or any slave to be educated, not even in the simplest form such as reading a children’s book. Having an educated slave was one step to understanding the society and the slaves’ rights as people. The fewer slaves knew the more the whites could control them and have power over them. “Observers of slaves suggested that slave characteristics like: clumsiness, untidiness, littleness, destructiveness, and inability to learn the white people were better. Despite white society’s belief that slaves were nothing more than laborers when in fact they were a part of an elaborate and well defined social structure that gave them identity and sustained them in their silent protest.” Stated in the essay Slavery During The 1880s. Liz got lucky and had the privilege to be taught how to read and write. McBride wrote, “I gave this girl every kindness, the captain said. My late wife taught her to read. And embroider.
And dance. No expense was spared in training her.” (McBride 67). This only occurred because her slave owner, Captain Spocott of Dorchester County, wanted his “cuddle pillow back” as Deanwood would say and knew she was different from the other slaves. Different as in Liz had a special gift that would come into good use.
Liz is known as the dreamer to the neighborhood. That’s her special gift, she has visions of the...


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