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Xu wang
                                                                    Sculptor-xu wang

  Hello! My name is xu wang,this is a chinese name, wang is my family name, this is how to spell in china 王旭,about one years ago, i decide to study aboard, because i want to know western country, especially about their culture, so i went to a language school for study english
  At begin, study language is difficult to me ,but i met good teachers their let me know study language is easy and fun.when i went to a language school ,i have three teacher ,they all form foreign country ,i was too shy to talk with them, but i find western people are friendly and more open up, so i start to talk with them in english , step by step,i can understand their question and ask their simple question .my english skill got improved,
  I think i find my own way to study english, after class, i can't find someone speak english,so i just watch hollywood movie,and cartoon ,it really helpful, especially to improve my listening,
Reading is a hard section for me,because i don't like read book even chinese book,when i

talk to my teacher, they introduce to me some book,such as Sherlock it is interest me,i

enjoy read detective story, after a year of study english, i decide to study aboard.
When i talk to my parent about this idea, they got shocked,my father don't agree,we always argue,i think he's just worry about to much,we don't even talk until i received offer   form University.
Finally i came to America ,i found best way to study english,it's talk to native American,right now i can talk very well,


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