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Mobile Banking vs. E-Banking

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Definition of Mobile Banking
One project focusing on mobile banking is simply identifying what the term covers. There are various types of e-banking options for busy individuals on the market. Defining what mobile banking is by comparing the term to other e-banking definitions can not only help define the term, but put it in perspective with the various e-banking alternatives.

Mobile Banking vs. e-Banking
E-banking, commonly defined as doing your personal banking using the computer and Internet, is a popular method of doing banking at home. Comparing e-banking with mobile banking is another project idea. You can do a comparison between mobile banking and online banking, for example, in terms of accessibility and security for the users. While e-banking often requires a computer, mobile banking simply requires an Internet-enabled mobile device.

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Customer Requirements for Mobile Banking
Since mobile banking requires a mobile phone or device, other requirements are not often taken into consideration when discussing how simple and easy it is to use mobile banking. The customer requirements for mobile banking is a project idea, which can focus on the mobile requirements, models, brands, apps and Internet bytes required to make a simple transaction. While mobile banking requires a mobile device, not all mobile phones are developed to complete banking transaction or Internet browsing.

Security Concerns for Mobile Banking
Write a project on the basic security concerns regarding mobile banking. Any type of banking transactions completed outside of the bank itself often raise questions regarding security. For e-banking, there is a security concern of viruses, hacking and personal banking information being stored online. For a project, outline the security concerns for mobile banking and how each of the concerns is being...


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