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Technology now controls our lives more so that we have control over technology!
MY name is robin abboud and I disagree!!
Say no to technology
Say yes to society!
Click! My television is off.
Click! My computer is on.
I am "clicking," I control technology. I am part of society, society controls technology.
In the beginning, society's primary means of transportation was running or walking. The towns and places were smaller so they didn’t really need anything other than themselves to get them places.
Then one day somebody came to the idea of riding animals as a means of transport. Animals included horse, camel, or even an elephant.
Then the amazing wheel came about, where people used the wheel and tied it onto an animal or two to transport themselves or objects around to the towns which grew thanks to the development of medicine and the increasing of populations. Due to the increase in population, towns expanded and which therefore lead people to travel longer distances increasing their reliance on developed transport
With this the development of transport continued to grow resulting in planes, cars, boats and other forms of transport.
After all this we can tell that technology doesn’t control man, but man controls technology as they are the ones who continuously invent different forms to help them with everyday needs.
Yes, technology can control those who are reliant on it, but of course as a whole society we do not let technology control us rather we control it, by using it as a tool to extend our horizons and improve our standard of living.
If you think about it, the fact that technology is making people's lives better proves that society is controlling technology. It is just that some people are mistaking depending on technology as a sign that society has become controlled by technology but many people forget that to operate technology humans need to be in command of it.   It is true that some people depend on it, but society as a whole, and man...


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