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Pollution - Chapter I

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Chapter I:
- The definition of pollution.
B - types of pollution.
Chapter II:
A - pollution damage.
B - means of pollution control.

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon Ashraf senders ..
At first I want to explain why I chose this particular subject to write it when I saw the state of the environment today in this wide world, have spread disease and many children died because of environmental pollution.
So I wanted to discuss this issue and put the solutions that I see occasion, hoping to benefit from the reader when you read it. I hope to God that the du'a in this research and holds the Asthsankm.

Chapter I:
- The definition of pollution:
He knew where the pollution in different ways: that pollution is to put the material in place is appropriate or that pollution of the environment (intentional or unintentional) human excrement.
There are some definitions the most detailed and accurate, such as the definition Holstr and Portoz, identified pollution comprehensive definition by defining the contaminant, Valmlut is a substance or effect leads to a change in the rate of growth of the species in the environment contrary to the food chain the introduction of toxins in or inconsistent with the health or comfort or with the values ​​of society.
And the intervention of pollutants to the environment in Article significant amounts in the form of waste and trash, or output side of the industries or certain activities of man and involves pollution in the normally wasted energy (thermal, sound or vibration) In general, the pollution damage functions of the class dynamic (Biosphere) that surround the globe. .. And this damage can be summarized as follows:

1 - damage to human health through pollution of air, soil, food, chemicals and other radioactive.

2 - damage to crops and plants, water, soil and animals.

3 - damage to the aesthetic aspects of the environment such as smoke, dust, noise, waste and garbage.

4 - the damage is not shown but...


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