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Who's Responsible?

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Parents and Their Obligations to Their Kids

There’s a group of people in the headmaster’s office. The topic, which is responsible for the crime of completely vandalizing the cafeteria? The walls are full or spray paint and no chair is usable again. The cost of repair could very well reach over $20,000. Who’s is responsible, the parent or the child? The kid is only sixteen and not an adult yet. The school can’t charge the kid but they can make him/her pay. But can he pay, and who is responsible for all this? The child is directly responsible of course; there is no doubt about that. But could the parent have played a part?   Can it be the parents’ fault that this happened? I believe so; the parents are responsible for this. Not directly, but they played a part. The parents are just as guilty.

This question is frequently asked when it comes to juveniles. The parents are responsible for their kids until they are eighteen. So everything the kids do until then are the parents’ responsibility. That’s part of the deal of owning a child. You have an obligation to take care of your offspring until they are legally adults. You can’t put the blame on anyone else. You’re the parent, your always the caretaker. With power comes responsibility.

The parent is the first and foremost role model for their children. US researchers from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and the New York State Psychiatric Institute followed 540 children for 20 years from 1975. If a child was hit by their parents, they were much more likely to see violence as a way of resolving problems as adults, the researchers found. If the parent often demonstrates vandalism in the house and frequent outburst of anger, the child will most likely copy these actions. If the parent is ignorant, the child will think, “it’s alright for me to paint the walls, mommy doesn’t care.” The parents play a HUGE part in disciplining children, if parents ignore or encourage then the parents are to...


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