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Special Edition

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Chelsea Hefferin
Ms. Grossnickle
Honors English
3 April 2012
Special Edition
Ever been in a comic book store and there’s that one comic book that really catches the eye? When I think of myself, I am unique. I am special edition number three, published in ‘96, copyrights reserved to Bee Hefferin. “Unique” defines me, I am that comic that sticks out, rare, and loving every minute!
Scanning the whole store for a new comic, one unusual and not like any other, cannot help but to keep going back to the same one that first stuck out. Checking it out flipping through its pages, realizing it is not like any other with its vibrant colors, unusual story, and amazing graphics. That comic book is me; no other like me never was and never will be.
In the words of Baruch Spioza, “All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” No one is ever the same. I am “unique”, considered rare. To be considered rare is like a privilege. Just thinking that I am rare sends chills down my spine. When something is rare, or unique it seems to be worth a whole lot more, and when you buy it it’s worth every penny.
“That comic book is out of this world weird!” Sometimes people say being different is bad, because it is weird. But her, I do not think of it as weird or different. It is unique and I love being unique. I stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd; being dressed differently, acting strange and exotic because not many people are. There is no other person like me in the whole wide world, you can search forever but you’ll never find anyone exactly like me.
I am the only special edition number three that stands out and is rare, I love it and I will never be edited or rewritten. Forever in love with being me and that will never change, I am “unique”.


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