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Abortion - Paper 20

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              Throughout history we have always been on the line about abortion being right or wrong. Some states have made it illegal to have an abortion because to them a fetus is considered a human being. States that state that a fetus is not human until it is fully developed allow abortions. Many people are against abortion because it’s considered murder but ask yourself, if a woman gets raped should she be forced to give birth to a baby she does not want. Abortion is wrong, for any circumstances the baby should have a chance to life. Even right now we are not sure when a fetus is considered to be human.
          Are unwanted children more prone to become criminals as they grow older? Women feel that abortion is necessary in this case. They would rather kill a human being that has not yet been bored. They do not know how the child will come about and aborted child will never be a father or ever become a doctor. When criminals are sentenced to death, some change and are given second chances. Killing a fetus will not help at all. People do not know what they are doing. They are taking the lives of someone who could have contributed a lot to this world. It would not be moral to consider abortion. In an interview with Doctor Joseph P. Manuele M.D. he answered the question do you believe abortion is murder? “I do not believe abortion is murder unless the woman or doctor believes they are killing human beings which most do not and that they do it with. Most women who have abortions believe they are not killing a human being and even if they do, they usually feel it's for the best.   Do I believe abortion kills a human being?   I do, but killing isn't murder so I would think very tiny fractions of abortions are murder.” (Manuele).   He explains how women do not have any sense in their actions. Not all aborted kills were meant to be criminals.
Is it okay to have an abortion because you don't want to change your life style to support a new born baby? Young...


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