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Differences and Similarities

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Although Navneet and I have many differences, we have those little things in common that keep us together. Navneet and I not only like difference things but have different views on life. She shows me that you should look life on a different point of view.

Some similarities that we both have are that we both like eating Indian dishes since we both came from a Punjabi Family. Navneet and I both have siblings and then we get into fights with them we both can relate how annoying they can be. We both like to hang out with our friends but even more with each other.

A major difference we both have is that I’m a male and she’s female. Another major difference we have is that I’m the youngest in my family where I don’t carry much responsibilities and Navneet is the oldest in her family and has more responsibilities. Some other differences that Navneet and I have are that I like eating food that is filled with spices but Navneet doesn’t like to have any spices in her food. I enjoy physically activities, where Navneet is completely opposite. I also like to play a lot of video games and Navneet does too but doesn’t know how to play very well. There are many different kind of music in the world but my favourite is listening to rap music, while on the other hand she’s more into hip hop than rap. In our appearances Navneet likes to wear bright and colourful clothing where I only like to stick to black and white t-shirts.

Even though we have more differences than similarities, we both understand the fact that those differences is what makes us who we are and accept that.


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