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Defining Moment
I was born in the city of Los Angeles. I lived in East los Angels in a two story apartments near Christopher Dena Elementary School, which was the school I was currently going to. I Believe that was I was 5 years and going to First grade when two rival Gangs decided to have a shoot out right next to the School. I remember it was recess and was waiting for these kids to get some balls out from a shed that they had where they had all the equipment. All of a sudden I heard screaming from a teacher telling us to get down to the floor ,at that moment I didn’t know what was going on but I got any ways so I wouldn’t get yelled at. When I was in the floor I looked around and I saw everyone the ground except the teachers that was until I heard a couple of loud shots that were coming far from the other side from the school. That is when I saw two groups of people running away from each other and I knew that some ones shooting a gun.
This was one of the many acts of violence that had changed my life living in Los Angeles. My parents had seriously thought about moving away from the area I was living in it was actually pretty bad neighborhood. I had actually found an axe lying around that was stripped away and had the top sharpened, it was a battle axe that the local gang had hidden. I believe that moving to Tustin was my life’s defining moment because my parents new that if I grew up their later when I would reach my teen years I may lose my path into the world of drugs and Gangs. The area where I lived in was basically their turf and if you were not one of them you were against them. You had to join a gang back them because people didn’t want to be alone. So by the time I was almost second grade I had changed to a private catholic School to see if the problems would diminish even a little, which they did but not for long.
My parents had had enough I had always remembered them talking whenever we drove by Tustin they would always say that one day they would...


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