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Civilizations of India

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Ancient Indian Civilization

  In 1921, and Indian Archaeologist Dayaram Sahni found some ruins and terracotta seals near village Harappa, then our Indian Government took the steps to excavate the ruins and other archaeological evidences for the Indus Valley Civilizations. Then the archaeologist came to know that where city was buried under the ground and city was excavated. In 1922, another city like Harrapa was unearthed and was known as Mohenjodaro. Mohenjodaro is now situated in Sind, Pakistan. So the excavations of these two cities have led us to know about the following things: -
Archaeological clues: -                 [pic]
Remains of buildings, bits of property, terracotta seals have been discovered in               various places these are our archaeological clues for the civilizations. Grains of wheat and barley and pieces of cloth have given us some idea about their economic life. Some sculptures or paintings of art, architecture about their interest in the people of this civilization.

Well-planned cities: -
The cities were very well planned. The Mohenjodaro was situated on the banks of the river Indus and Harappa on the banks of river Ravi.The things that show that they were well-planned cities are: -

  a) The buildings were laid out in blocks. The streets were wide and straight and at right angles. The main street in Mohenjodaro is 80 m long and 10 m wide.
  b) Every house had its own well, drainage, bathroom and kitchen.
  c) There was a good drainage system and a good water supply system; they also had the system of lighting in the streets in the night.
  d) The cities were divided into two parts: The Citadel and the lower part. The Citadel in which the public buildings, centers for trade and commerce, were located. In the lower part the public lived and the largest building in Mohenjodaro is a Granary, which is 46 m by 15 m. In the...


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