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Empowered Leadership
Leadership Myths

The guiding question for this assignment is:
What leadership myths or assumptions about leadership exist in your culture and social environment, and how have they influenced your thoughts and behavior? Give an example from your personal experience how one or more leadership myth(s) shaped your beliefs and actions.
The purpose of this assignment is to make keen observations and reflections about your own daily culture and environment (home, work, city, national culture, global culture, ...) and how existing leadership myths have infiltrated the way you see the world and yourself. Perhaps because of increased awareness, you have been able to dispel this myth, and to shake off some of its influence on you. 
Some common examples of leadership myths were discussed in class, you can write about one or more of those, but you do not have to limit yourself to these.
Some of the elements you could keep in mind are the following:
- A description of the myth and related beliefs and assumptions
- How this myth is justified and where it comes from
- How this myth is communicated and passed on
- How this myth operates in society, in a company, in a family, ...
- An illustration or anecdote about how this myth might have influenced or affected you personally (in the past, present, or in your thoughts about your future)
This is only to give you some ideas and inspiration, you are not obliged to treat each one of these elements. Feel free to use your own approach and creativity in responding with personal reflections to the main question. 
The purpose of this exercise is to understand how leadership myths and unquestioned assumptions manifest themselves in social structures and behaviors, and in our individual thoughts and actions, and to analyze what effect these beliefs have on the way we function as individuals and in groups.
If you do use any literature in some way or any paraphrases or citations of...


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