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Victor's Scientific Pursuit

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Victor is passionate about his interests and becomes absorbed in the quest to find out what creates life. While away at college in Ingolstadt, Victor creates a being from scavenged corpse parts and gives it life, but is repulsed by its hideousness once it lives. The monster, in retaliation for Victor's negligence, destroys his life by killing off those Victor loves. The monster is more miserable and savage, but victor is more hateful. Shelley shows that both Frankenstein and the creature are obsessed by showing them engaged in a long, drawn-out chase across treacherous environments. Nobody wins because Frankenstein dies and the creature says he's going to commit suicide.

Frankenstein's monster is indeed more sinned against than sinning.   He was created by an overambitious human eager to play God and to give life to what was never meant to be. .“I stepped fearfully in: the apartment was empty, and my bedroom was also freed from its hideous guest” 45 Because he was never meant to live, the monster was plunged into a world of desolation and misery from the moment he breathed his first breath.   “I am an unfortunate and deserted created; I look around and I have no relation or friend upon earth. These amiable people to whom I go have never seen me and know little of me. I am full of fears, for if I fail there, I am an outcast in the world forever” 113. Faced with the horror of his creation, Victor's prideful nature causes him to abandon his "child," leaving him to fend for himself; as a result of this abandonment, Frankenstein and society ultimately pay a very high price.

The monster committed his sins against humanity because he realizes how miserable his life is, and also how he was never meant to live. “ I am malicious because I am miserable” 125. This quote shows us that the monster committed his crimes not out of evil or malevolence, but rather because his crimes were committed as revenge for the myriad of injustices done to him, and committed to bring...


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