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World War One Diary

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Dairy one: How the war started.

I never knew this would have caused such a great war. It just so happened that the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie had been killed by a Serbian man named Princip, all this happened so quickly that now even I cant be sure what’s going on!

I believe it all started when Ferdinand died and Austria Hungary blames Serbia for the killing and decides to attack Serbia. Which also caused Russia to get involved since the Russians do have the contract and promised to protect the Serbians when they are under attack. On August, Germany, who supports Austria Hungary, hears about Russia’s declaration of war on Austria Hungary, so they demand war on Russia. Who knew Germany also wanted to defeat France before attacking Russia, declares war on France. Germany was so eager to overpower France that they marched right into Belgium without permission! And this caused Britain to protect Belgium and declare war on Germany.   Britain never wished to get involved in this situation, but Germany wanted everyone to join in and fight against each other, so you could say Germany started all this! Many days later, Austria Hungary decides to declare war on Russia but Britain and France also wish to battle against Austria Hungary!!

Now that the war has started, most countries gathered their armies to be ready incase, and the government here has already start putting posters in each village and they’re coming to our town soon.

Diary two: Why I signed up

When I first heard about the army, I thought to myself, should I join? What if I don’t come back? I don’t want to leave my family, who’s going to look after them if I leave for the army? This is my country after all, all my friends are joining, I should be fighting and supporting my country. At first, I wasn’t so sure, but my friends persuaded me, and told me it was time to do something back for the country to return the favor.

So I...


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