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The Outcasts - Of Mice and Men

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The Outcasts
Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is an emotional novel with many different themes and characters. Also it describes the way loneliness is portrayed. Lennie and George are characterized as two friends, who travel together in search of a job and share the same dream about having their own ranch one day. Lennie is a big guy with mental disabilities, while George is small guy, who cares about others.. Lennie and George are outcasts because they both share and work a common dream, dream of owning a farm It makes them different from other in the ranch and being outcasts.

The first important outcast is Lennie. He is a physically large man whose mind is slow but pure. His mental capacity is of a five to six year old child, by his behavior and understanding as a child he makes himself an outcast. But at the same time he is able to reverse his mental limitation with his strength by working much more at the ranch than any other around him. Lennie has a great love for animals which is more that any average man has at the ranch.”Uh-uh. Jus’ a dead mouse, George. I didn’t kill it. Honest. I found it. I found it dead”   He finds his peace and comfort by patting and playing with them, even though it might be a dead mouse, where George is frustrated with that. That is what makes Lennie an outcast because of his disability he cannot control himself and like things that normal human being would not like. So George has to take care of him and make sure that Lennie would not get in trouble.

Second, we have George, a man of average who would not have been an outcast if it was not for Lennie. Even though George sometimes feels frustrated with Lennie and constantly reminds him about how easy his life would be without him.“ If I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an’ work, an’ no trouble”. (Steinbeck,11) George is making himself an outcast just to protect Lennie and not to be so lonely. The loneliness makes both him and Lennie have a dream that...


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