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My Favorite Part of Christmas

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My Favorite Part of Christmas

To a Bangladeshi boy growing up in a Muslim dominated country, Christmas was nothing more than a fantasy that only came true in English movies and cartoons. Still I was fascinated by the idea of a magical being coming down through the chimney bearing presents even though there were no house with chimney. It was not the present itself that interested me but the whole merry making atmosphere and unique decorations, that to me is the favorite part of Christmas.

Christmas has different flavors in different society but where ever it is celebrated, it conveys the same message of peace.

Christmas decoration in South Asia is a little bit different from the west. Hot and humid weather has made snowy white Christmas virtually impossible. But that did not stop people from trying, almost every big shopping mall is equipped with a snow making machine and big Christmas tree then they spray out loads of (fake) snow from the top floor to make it look real. Other usually Christmas decorations are the special lighting of the streets and Christmas carol playing at every corner. The streets markets come into life with merchandise of red and white. Even though majority of people involved in this ordeal doesn’t have the slightest idea of what Christmas is about but they all throw special party, play songs or sell goods for Christmas just to make the tourist feel more at home.

Moving from east to west, I think Christmas has more religious touch to it and it is much more important part of one’s life. Being in Germany in Christmas season gave me an opportunity of a lifetime to experience something new.

From what I have witnessed, Christmas market is the biggest highlight in Germany’s Christmas tradition. It is a special temporary market where vendors showcase their products but everything is prepared with the theme of Christmas. The market consists of stalls which are divided in to different category. For example Food stalls on one side and...


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