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New York Giants

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Dee Toliver

Reaction Paper

The New York Giants are the underdogs of the NFL I believe. They have plenty of good players on their team but yet it seems like they can never put together a winning season. Partially because of their head coach Tom Coughlin.
This 2011 season they have had a decent season and after their victory two weeks ago the running back Brandon Jacobs picked up the head coach. Which is funny because the coach is so little compared to the running back. But their season is far from over, they have a very tough schedule coming up and due to the teams coaching it can be a very long season for the Giants. They need to get rid of some coaches on the staff and hire more experienced coaches who know how to make clutch calls. This is now the 10th season where the giants start off good then they let their winning season slip away from them. The only season that this didn’t happen was about 4 years ago when Eli Manning and the Giants went to super bowl and came out Victorious due to a great game changing catch By wide receiver Manningham.
The coach wants to leave it up to the players to turn their season around. But in the game of football the coaches are as vital to success on the field such as the players. So they need to work together in order to come out winners. The game of football comes down to sacrifice. You have to be willing to lay anything on the line for your team and this is something the Giants do not do. If they change their ways and learn to become coachable and more amiable they will play to the best of their abilities.
“ The entire concept for us to keep both feet on the ground, dealing with praise as well as criticism and understanding that if your going to have any success in this business, then your preparation has to be exceptional,” Coughlin said. He is saying that he has a young cocky team who thinks they can just turn it on and off whenever they want. But the reality is that they are uncoachable. You need...


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