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Obesity in Children

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Childhood Obesity
Cassie Smith
ENG. 122 English Composition II
April 16, 2010

Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity has become a national epidemic overnight. For the past thirty years the national percentage rate has raised three times more than it was twenty years ago. Due to this tremendous exploitation in childhood obesity our national has been pointing the finger at more than just one accuser. One of the main causes of childhood obesity in the United States today is based on the fact that children are not being provided with the right nutritional foods. Instead children are given the devastating alternative of eating fast food which results in obesity due to the extreme amount of chemicals and saturated fats that is produced in these processed foods.
Process foods from fast food industries are being proven time after again that the majority of childhood obesity is being caused by eating these types of foods. Fact to be known that there is an alternate to this national disaster. Studies have been shown that if an individual such as an obese child would switch their eating habits to organic foods there would be a lower rate of childhood obesity in the United States today. Organic foods have been also proven to help the body feel more energized also help reverse obesity in children and creating a more positive healthy outlook for the child’s future.
According to David Hirsch, MD (2010) parents can do many things to prevent obesity in their child, including: Respect the child's appetite; children do not have to finish everything on their plate, or finish the entire bottle. Avoid pre-prepared and foods with extra sugar. Provide the child with a healthy diet, 30%, or fewer calories from fat. Provide enough fiber. Limit the amount of high-calorie foods kept in the home. Enjoy physical activities as a family (walking, playing outdoor games, etc.) Limit TV viewing. Do not reward completion of meals with sweet desserts. Replace whole milk with skim...


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