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According to Stephanie Ericsson the ways in which we lie are as follow: the white lie, facades, ignoring the plain facts, deflecting, omission, stereotypes and clichés, groupthink, out-and-out lies, dismissal, and delusion.

It’s nice to know we all lie, that makes it easier since it means there’s no way for us to judge one another because in the end we’re all guilty. Each type of lie that Ericsson mentions causes me to think something. White lies have always piqued my curiosity especially with the quote she used to back it up “A man who won’t lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings – Bergen Evans” it’s interesting because I wouldn’t want my husband or any man to lie to me but I can see how that can save a man a confrontation, depending on how sensitive the girl is to commentary or truth, she’ll either overreact or take it as is. I think white lies are facades themselves they’re done with good intentions but in some cases the truth is owed, at least I think so.
Facades are like playing dress up when you’ve grown out of the age when it was okay to do so. I think deflecting goes with it since you’re hiding something under the façade but no one ever really asked you to take the façade off. I wonder if I managed to make that connection clear…
Well, anyways then there’s ignoring the plain facts, delusion, dismissal and omission I would group together under a file named “Ignorance is bliss”.
Out and out lies, these are Ericsson’s preferred ones because this one you lie “just for the sake of lying” because the person you’re lying to already knows.

And lastly, stereotypes and clichés, with groupthink might support what I think Ericsson would say about William F. Buckley Jr.’s “Why Don’t We Complain?” Ericsson questions it herself in her essay she writes: “How much do we tolerate before we become sick and tired of being sick and tired? When will we stand up and declare our right to trust? When do we stop accepting that the real truth is in the...


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