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The Main Features of a Volcano

Task 2

Match up the main features of a volcano to their definitions.

A special type of volcano

This is a special type of volcano, called a Composite Volcano. It’s name is to do with the way that it is made.


A composite volcano gets bigger and bigger the more it erupts.

The ash and the lava from each eruptions forms layers.

These layers make new rock which makes the volcano bigger and bigger.

Task 3

Turn back to your drawing of the main features of a volcano and add these labels:

Layer of Ash

Layer of Lava

Composite Volcano

Plate Tectonics


The surface of the earth is covered by a rock crust. This crust is made up of lots of pieces we call Tectonic Plates. The picture above shows where all the plates are.

Task 4

Can you find the British Isles?

Which plate is it on?

…………………………………………Eurasian Plate…………………………………………………..

Is it near the edge of this plate? No. It is actually quite far


Iceland is an island that sits right on a plate boundary.

The pink line is the boundary between the two plates.
All those red triangles are volcanoes.

The Ring of Fire


This picture shows the ring of fire.
The ring of fire is a whole set of volcanoes that are around the edge of the Pacific Plate.
All of those red triangles are volcanoes that are on the edge of that plate.

What causes Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are caused when boiling hot (molten) rock is pushed up from the centre of the earth and escapes through a plate boundary.



Over a long time, all the ash and lava from the eruption piles up, making rock and a mountain. [pic][pic]
Task 5

Colour the true statements one...


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